Walk a Mile in Her Shoes



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are friends and family able to walk with me on the Walk a Mile walk?

A: All family members, female partners and friends are encouraged to walk on the sidelines to support you in your walk.

Please note that any ‘Walkers” under the age of 18 must have the parent/guardian consent, signed on the Registration Form to participate as a “Walker”. A printable pdf version of the Registration Form to allow for signatures is available for download on our website Registration link: www.ckwc.ca/walk-mile-shoes-walker-information/

Q: I would like to walk but I am unable to walk in the red heels. Can I still participate?

A: Any man who cannot walk in the heels but would like to participate is encouraged to walk in a comfortable pair of shoes and carry a pair of red heels with him on the walk.

Q: Can “Team Members” register together on the same registration form?

A: No. Each team member must submit individual Registration and Pledge Forms. Please note that a minimum donation pledge of $25.00 per Walker is required to participate in Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.

Q: Where do I go when I arrive to the Walk a Mile event?

A: When you arrive at the St. Clair College, Chatham Campus, you will be greeted by Walk a Mile volunteers who will direct you to the Registration Table. This is where you will hand in your Registration/Waiver Form and Pledge Sheet(s) and Donations. From there you will be directed to the Shoe Table where you will collect your red shoes, hand the Volunteer your shoe ticket and place your street shoes in the shoe box. After the “Walk” return your red shoes to the “Shoe Table” and receive your street shoes.

You are now ready to try on those shiny red heels, warm up and get ready to Walk a Mile!