School Programs

Anger Management ( Grades 7-8 )

Anger is a natural healthy emotion that students can learn to accept positively in their lives. Students will be able to differentiate between angry feelings which we cannot always control and acting out angry behaviour which we must control. Older students will explore different anger styles and understand how this can help control anger reactions.


Bullying ( Grades 6-8 )

This program addresses the importance of empowering students to take back the control in their lives. Students should not feel afraid to go to school. This program teaches young children important lessons about standing up against bullying. Older students explore issues of harassment including gossiping and taunting. Students learn appropriate responses if they are witness to or victims of harassment.


Dating Violence ( Grade 8 )

This program educates Grade 8 and High School students about the types of abuse: Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Financial, and Sexual. The Cycle of Violence Wheel is discussed age-appropriately. Students are taught what to do should they encounter an abusive episode whether they are the victim, witness or bystander.


Heart of Sisterhood ( Grade 8 Girls )

“The Heart of Sisterhood” is a 4-week, 1.5 hour program designed specifically to meet the needs of girls in grade 8 who may be having difficulty in the areas of friendship and/or dating relationships. The purpose of the program is to teach cliques of friends to communicate efficiently and effectively with one another. The Heart of Sisterhood is intended to explore a young girl’s self, empower friendships and raise awareness about issues of power and control in relationships.


Guy Talk

As a reflection of the Heart of Sisterhood program, this one hour presentation is specific for grade 8 boys. This program will teach boys about healthy communication in friendships as well as learning about issues of power and control in relationships.


R.E.A.L. (Relationships, Emotions, Attitude and Life) Teens Talk

An 8 week group for female and male youth ages 14-18 focused on how to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships, enhance self-esteem and build confidence in youth to leave unsafe situations they find themselves exposed to.
Through expressive art activities, role play, music, group discussion and individual assignments, participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to take with them for current and / or future relationships. Participants can join with friends!


H.E.A.R.T (Healthy Emotions and Attitudes in Relationships for Teens)

A 6 week group for girls only ages 14-18. This group covers topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, communication, boundary setting, gender stereotypes and the media, body image and self esteem. H.E.A.R.T. is designed for girls who have been or are exposed to dating violence in relationships and explores emotions through expressive art activities, role plays, individual assignments and video.


For more information or how to schedule a presentation regarding any of these programs, please contact 519-351-9144 requesting the school based program.