Community Partners Threat/Risk Assessment Notification and Fair Notice

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Chatham Kent Women’s Centre Inc. is committed to ensuring a safe community. In extreme cases when a child’s behaviour poses a potential threat to their own or others’ well-being, the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol (VTRA) agencies will take further steps to safeguard everyone.

The VTRA protocol outlines how Chatham Kent Women’s Centre Inc. along with other community partners will respond immediately to threatening incidents including but not limited to: possession of a weapon or replica weapon, bomb threat or plan, verbal or written (including electronic) threats to harm oneself or others, other threats of violence, and fire setting.

The initial response team is likely to include School personnel and the police but should conditions warrant, a Community Threat Assessment Team will be assembled. This community team includes representatives of schools, and community agencies including Chatham Kent Women’s Centre Inc., who work with us to keep our schools safe, and community safe.

Parents and guardians will be notified if their child will be discussed through the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol. If parents/guardians cannot be reached, or if they choose not to provide consent, but a concern for safety still exists due to threatening behaviour, the threat assessment may still proceed. Personal information shared throughout this process will respect and balance each individual’s right to privacy with the need to ensure the safety of all.

As always, a child’s safety is our first priority. This information will be discussed during your intake, and will be provided on our website, If you have any questions regarding the Community Violence Risk Threat Assessment Protocol, please speak with your Chatham Kent Women’s Centre Inc. worker.