The Chatham Kent Women’s Centre is a not for profit organization that exists to support women and children who are facing violence by providing shelter, advocacy, counselling and public education in a non-judgmental and empowering fashion and to model non-violent and respectful behaviour and relationships.
Chatham Kent Women’s Centre provides a continuum of services and a holistic approach to help women and children escape violence and rebuild their lives. We don’t just heal wounds behind locked doors; we nurture families from crisis intervention to re-integration into the community with programs providing emotional support, practical help and life skills.


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What is Abuse?

Abuse doesn't have to leave a mark. Learn what constitutes abuse and what to do if you're living with an abuser.

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Residential department offers 24-hour residential service to women and their children in a safe, confidential environment.

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Outreach department provides immediate crisis counseling & support, individual & group counseling opportunities in a confidential, non-judgmental fashion.

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