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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - June 3rd, 2017

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Message from Greg Hetherington, Honorary Chair of the 2017 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

My wife Kelly and I are excited to help this year’s Walk a Mile in your Shoes® event.  Knowing that the Chatham Kent Women’s Centre is there to lend a helping hand, to women and their families at a devastating time in their lives, is a cause that our family wants to give to, and assist with

We are looking forward to this year’s  Walk a Mile event.  Money raised,  not only helps families in Chatham, but Assists women and their children in Wallaceburg, Ridgetown, Thamesville, Blenheim, Dresden, Wheatley, and Moraviantown.

We are ready to give our voices, a helping hand, and a couple feet, …and most likely a few blisters from some red high heels too!!

Why should you help?

John F. Kennedy once said:  If those of us who have, cannot help those of us who have not, then how can we help ourselves. 

Please help us, in helping others this year.

“Without support from CKWC, I would never be in the positive place I am in today.”

“Saved my life, gave me courage, and increased my self-esteem.”

“I feel better about myself and I have more confidence.”

“I can see how domestic violence affected my children.”

“I have learned to make healthier choices for myself and family.”

“I know now that I have choices. I don’t have to accept bad behaviour”

“I’m a really good person who didn’t know what healthy meant. Now I do.”

“I feel safer and realize the way I have reacted to life’s situations is normal.”

“I never knew domestic violence was unhealthy. The Women’s Centre has provided me with education and knowledge.”

“The Women’s Centre provided me with a safe place to heal and figure things out without feeling judged.”

“Acceptance of self and situation. I am learning to be my own self.”

“It’s okay to cry; it’s okay because I’m not lost anymore.”

“Today I know what it means to be safe. I will never go back to feeling afraid again.”

There’s an old saying,

“You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Frank Baird created Walk A Mile in Her Shoes® in 2001.

Each year an ever-increasing number of men are joining Walk A Mile In Her Shoes® International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence. Walk A Mile In Her Shoes® is a fun opportunity for men to educate the community about a very serious subject and to rally the community to take action to prevent sexualized violence – and raise money for women’s shelters and the services they provide in their communities. Register today!

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#FF0000 Raised $19,000 towards the $25,000 target.

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